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Plug Remote Control AC - $20

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Plug Remote Control USB - $18

Plug Remote Control (PRC) It is an adapter created to make it possible to use Smartphones that do not have an infrared emitter (IR) LED as a remote control. This adapter behaves as an interface between the Smartphone and electronic equipment that uses a remote control with IR technology. It connects to your phone using your Wi-Fi network and has an infrared emitting LED that transmits commands to the equipment (TV, DVR, Cable receiver, Air conditioning, etc.) where the adapter is installed. It also allows the cloning of any model of infrared remote control. With the Plug Remote Control you can control not only your cable or satellite TV receivers, but also your TV, DVD, Home Theater, BD, DVR, air conditioning and much more.

** It works as a remote control extension, you can control any equipment at any time in any room of your home (just be connected to the same wifi network).

** With it you can control any equipment that uses infrared technology. Just have a Smartphone with WiFi connection. You can also use several adapters in the same residence.

*** Example of use: A DVR (digital camera recorder) installed far from the monitor / TV, can be easily controlled through your smartphone, for that, just install the adapter in the same place where the DVR is installed. You can add more adapters in other rooms in the house and control your equipment from your smartphone, even if you are on the same Wifi network.

Requirements: Android 4.4 or higher



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